PrintCSS Auto Prefixer Library

The Bit&Black Autoprefixer for PrintCSS library is designed to deal with the lack of a standard that makes writing CSS sometimes difficult. Depending on which renderer is to be used, the writings differ considerably.


This library was written in PHP and requires a token before it can be installed. The use of the library is subject to a fee.

Once you received a token you can add the library to your project by running $ composer require bitandblack/printcss-autoprefixer.


Tell the autoprefixer which vendor is to use at first:


use BitAndBlack\PrintCSS\AutoPrefixer\AutoPrefixer;
use BitAndBlack\PrintCSS\AutoPrefixer\Vendor\PDFreactor;

    new PDFreactor()

Handle your CSS now:


$css = '
    @page {
        media-size: 210mm 297mm;

$cssPrefixed = (string) new AutoPrefixer($css);

 * Will echo
 * ```
 * @page {
 *     media-size: 210mm 297mm;
 *     -ro-media-size: 210mm 297mm;
 * }
 * ```
echo $cssPrefixed;